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Best External Flash for Canon sl1

As you dive deeper into the world of photography, you know the importance of accessories. By now, you must know the importance of external flash as it upgrades the whole lighting game. 

When it comes to shopping for an external flash, there are a few essential things to consider, and we are mentioning them down for you!

Mini External Flash Buyers Guide

External Flash Buyers Guide

Brand: Brand plays a significant role in finding the perfect external flash. You can do your own sweet time to do the research and find the external flashlight as per your requirements. 

Flexibility: While you are searching for the external flashlight, determine how flexible the flash is in terms of place. Make sure it can move in every direction. 

Longevity: External flash has bulbs in it, and like any other electronic, it has its limit. It has a limit as to how long it can stay active. Make sure to look for the ones you can use and take time before replacement. 

Automated or Manual timer: However, you can control the flash manually the automatic times can detect and determine the optimal amount of light required. 

Best External Flash for Canon sl1

1. Altura Photo AP-305C

Altura Photo AP-305CAltura Photo AP- 305 C is one of the best external flash for Canon sI1. It is a highly professional flash because it comes with a manual flash that is perfect for photographers at all levels. The flash offers promising and high-quality performance that too at a very affordable cost. The flash comes with universal compatibility features that make it more desirable as a product.

  • It offers advanced wireless function and supports the multi-angle photography setup.

  • It comes with an RT – 305 manual wireless trigger with AP-305 Flash. 

  • It provides a wide range of flash coverage and flexible modes with all modes. 

  • The flash is compact, lightweight, and imparts professional performance. 

  • It supports multi and manual mode, which offers versatility to achieve correct flash.

  • It does not work with TTL mode. 

  • It does not support high speed and rear curtain synchronization.


2. Voking VK750III Remote E-TTL Speedlite

Voking VK750IIIViking is one of the most compatible external flashlights you can ever come across. It supports all Canon digital cameras with a standard hot shoe. It is easy to use because of the LCD and user-friendly settings. Flash settings can be adjusted using the LCD screen to control the power automatically. You can put it into sleep mode if you are not using it. 

  • It is perfect for taking professional-looking photographs in low light conditions. 

  • It comes with six flash modes to adapt on the TTL M MULTI S1 S2 remote. 

  • It comes with a LED assistive preview focus and memory function. 

  • It offers a vertical rotation angle, horizontal rotation angle, and accurate brightness control. 

  • It comes with a wireless sensor that triggers flash by slave and remote mode.

  • It comes with no battery life indicator. 

  • Some units stop working without awareness.


3. Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite

Neewer TT560Neewer is a global star when it comes to the world of photography. They are known for offering professional and premium products that have been tested and approved by expert photographs worldwide. Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite has a powerful camera flash and offers world-class quality.

  • It comes with a vertical rotation angle of 90 degrees and a horizontal rotation angle of 270 degrees. 

  • It is super compatible with Canon Nikon Panasonic and other hot shoe cameras. 

  • It comes with a red charging indicator that flickers as soon as the battery goes down for better usage. 

  • If you are willing to take a test flash, don’t worry, it offers a test flash button.

  • It provides a power management system so that you can capture the photographs for a longer time.

  • It is not compatible with some camera models. 

  • It has a slow recovery.


4. POLTURE Flashlight with LCD

PLOTURE Flash LightPicture focus is designed to be used in the research and development field and is perfect for close distance shooting. It is compatible with most Canon models and is equipped with four colour filters for different lighting styles. Also, it comes with four shooting modes. 

  • The RF-550D is designed to be used in macro-shot, medical, scientific research. 

  • It has a colour temperature of 3000-15000K and is perfect for close distance shooting.

  • It comes with eight mounting ring adapters that fit 49, 55, 58, 72 mm lenses. 

  • It comes with a high-definition LCD that offers excellent performance. 

  • It provides a high intensity LED flash that is suitable for the various cameras.

  • The light ring is visible in the photo border. 

  • It comes with low battery life and drains soon.


5. Powerextra LCD Display Flash Speedlite 

Powerextra LCD Flash SpeedlitePowerextra LCD flash Speedlite will set on your camera to trigger the best flash. When you are shooting, you can easily adjust the flash power and press the shutter button to capture the best shot. The flash comes with a power-saving function, and the flash enters a standby state in 60 minutes for idle use. 

  • It offers broad compatibility with great camera flash and supports every mode. 

  • It comes with a 2.4G wireless trigger transmitter and receiver unit.

  • It offers vertical rotation angle and additional functions such as power-saving mode, etc. 

  • It comes with a Speedlite flash built-in flip-down wide-angle and reflection panel. 

  • It comes with a multi-flash mode with a corresponding brightness option.

  • Buttons on the unit are not labeled. 

  • Not a good option for beginners.


The Bottom Line

An external flash can be mounted and triggered, and you can choose the best for you as per your requirements. You want a good flash to make the best of your canon camera. 

Now we are mentioning two FAQs generally asked by customers while planning to buy an external flash. 


Do I Need an External Flash for my DSLR? 

It is not compulsory to use an external flash, but it is suitable for backlit subjects. It is also used to create exciting effects, slow-mo outdoors. 

Does an External Flash Make a Difference? 

External flashes offer higher flash power than the built-in flash. They are capable of illuminating subjects that are hidden away. It would help if you had the external flash to ensure sufficient lighting on objects that are located far away. 

We hope after reading our blog on the best external flash for canon sl1 you can create your light. The Altura Photo AP- 305C Camera Flash Light with Manual Trigger seems to be the Best Canon Rebel sl1 external flash when it comes to shooting it offers the best and high performance.


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