Best Flash Diffuser for Event Photography – Here are our Top 5

Best flash diffuser for event photography

So, are you all set for the big event with your fancy camera? Are you ready to capture all the precious moments without missing even one out? We commend your enthusiasm! But, hey, is a camera enough? Will the DSLR let you get the best out of each picture and capture the essence of every moment? Probably not!

Best Flash Diffuser for Event Photography

This is why you need a flash diffuser for event photography. Flash diffusers work to spread camera light and to reduce the harshness. This ensures that the light falling on the subject is flattering and not overwhelming.

Now, let’s go through the best options we have today so that you add them to your cart and get ready for a superb event! 

1. Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible with Speed MountGary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible with Speed Mount

Amazon’s Choice and extremely popular among photographers, Gary Fong, is definitely one of the best flash diffusers today. It works to diffuse light from the on-camera shoe-mounted flash. Here are a few additional details:

  • It comes with a white dome that you can replace or insert to explore different creative options.
  • It works well with almost all shoe-mountable flashes out there. You can also use it with large units. This is why professional photographers usually buy this diffuser.
  • The strap has hook and loop fasteners. These fasteners work to keep the diffuser in place and remove it whenever you want.
  • The manufacturers also give XPIP accessories with the diffuser, which are very handy. These include a screen protector, a dust cleaner blower, a lens cap holder, a cleaning pen, cotton swabs, an air blower bus, etc. 
  • You can store the diffuser easily as it is collapsible.


2. Flash Diffuser Light Softbox by Altura Photo

Flash Diffuser Light Softbox by Altura Photo

This flash diffuser by Altura Photo is available in various sizes. You can also buy the 3-pack, which consists of all the available sizes. Keep reading to find out what the diffuser offers:

  • It works with all shoe-mount flashes. You can use it with Olympus, Nikon, Sony, Canon, etc. without any issues. 
  • It softens shadows and reduces the harshness, giving you excellent pictures.
  • It has an internal diffuser as well that works to wrap light.
  • Its Velcro strap ensures that it stays firmly around the flash head. When you are not using it, you can simply fold it down.
  • It has a pro-grade reflective silver interior.
  • The diffuser is portable and can fit in a standard gear bag.
  • It has an adjustable size.


3. Fotodiox Softbox for Event Photography

Fotodiox Softbox for Nikon Flash, Canon Speedlite

If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable flash diffuser, you won’t go wrong with this one. It is made of premium grade reflective and diffusive material, making it an excellent choice. Read on to find out more:

  • It has an elastic strap and rubberized ribs. These together ensure that the diffuser works with most flash units without any problems.
  • It has been made for heavy-duty use. This means that you can use it for various purposes, including even light coverage and soft light coverage.
  • It is foldable and comes with a carrying case. Carry it around to all your shoots with ease!
  • The manufacturers offer a 24-month warranty for this product.
  • It fits Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Panasonic, etc.


4. Neewer Camera Flash Bounce Light Hard DiffuserNeewer Camera Flash Bounce Light Hard Diffuser for Neewer Flash Speedlite

If you have a Neewer flash, you should not look at anything other than the Neewer diffuser. It is obviously compatible and does wonder for your photography. What’s more, it is also extremely affordable. Below are a few more attractive features:

  • It softens harsh light and diminishes the shadow. This balances the flashlight wonderfully.
  • Your pictures will be more natural and professional with this diffuser.
  • Whether it is for events, fashion displays, portraits, product displays, or outdoor shoots, this diffuser will not disappoint.
  • It is very easy to carry. It is also lightweight and portable.
  • Remember that this is only compatible with Neewer TT560 and TT520. It may not work with other models or brands. Make sure you talk to the customer representatives before taking a call if you are doubtful.


5. FOTOCREAT Portable Softbox

FOTOCREAT White Balance Round Portable Softbox

Extremely versatile and easy to use, the FOTOCREAT softbox will definitely impress you. It is portable, easy to store, and very effective when it comes to usage. Let’s take a look at a few more features:

  • It has metal support on top for smoothness.
  • You can fix it on your camera and use it as a diffuser, or you can hold it in your hand to make adjustments according to your preferences. 
  • It has an elastic band built-in for comfortable usage.
  • It is compatible with multiple flashes of various brands.
  • The flash diffuser is ideal for portraits, studio work, events, and product photography.


6. Pangshi Flash Diffuser 

Pangshi Flash DiffuserThis is a two-sided diffuser with silver and white bounce, perfect for a variety of photography sessions including events. You can use it with a variety of speedlites such as Olympus, Sony, Sigma, and Yongnuo. Some of its best features are as follows:

  • You have the flexibility to choose a soft indirect flash or spectral highlights. The white side will give you a soft flash while the silver will give you a bright, greater range.
  • It reduces shadows and removes the red-eye effect completely.
  • It has an elastic band that makes it very easy to use.
  • It is very lightweight and portable. You can easily carry it in your bag without worrying about extra baggage.
  • It provides a much bigger coverage than other flash diffusers in its league.


7. ULTRAPURE Universal Photography Diffuser

ULTRAPURE Universal Photography DiffuserThis diffuser is a crowd favorite because it looks good and works great. Read on to find out why you should buy it:

  • While it best suited for interior photography, it also does a brilliant job for events. 
  • You can spread the light evenly and create your own catchlights.
  • You can use this diffuser to adjust the light on your subject and the background simultaneously.
  • It is compatible with Nikon, Canon, and other major brands.
  • It is strong and durable.
  • You can use it with Bowens Mount Adapter.


There you have it! This is our list of the best flash diffusers for event photography in 2020. Our favorite is definitely the Gary Fong, but we encourage you to compare all options before making a decision. If you have any further doubts, do not hesitate to speak to us! Happy shopping! 


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