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At best Canon flash, we do not research and write for a living, but we are a group of photography enthusiasts who still fall in the learning and improving phase. Here, we share whatever we find best for the photographers whether they are rookies or pros in the field.

When we started, we were making only Excel tables to store and get information, but later we thought to form a website where other people like us can get a full, in-depth, and useful information all about photography things. Our aim is to make a valley of photography stuff where a photographer whether he is a professional, a hobbyist, or just a user who only clicks occasionally can find what they are looking for. Our articles include all the info about digital photography, enhancing your shots, tips, and tricks to get better photos, how to find the best stuff for your Canon DSLRs including external flashes, monitors, SD cards, etc. and much more.

After getting a DSLR, practicing with it, and putting a step towards portrait from manual mode, you are eventually going into the mode of using an external flash. We also have gone through this phase. So, we know that not all types of flashes give similar output and not a single flash is created for all DSLRs. This knowledge led us to make in-depth research and analysis on different brands, their options, user reviews, the price of the products, and also their compatibility with the digital cameras. Our site is centralized on the Canon DSLRs, external flashes for Canon, and other related stuff, but we also do focus on other digital camera brands and their compatibles to give you all at one place.

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