Altura Flash Review – A Professional Flash Kit for your DSLR

Altura Flash Review

If you are a passionate photographer or a professional YouTuber, then you will already know the importance of a quality flash kit for your DSLR. A decent flash kit attached to your DSLR can enhance the image quality of the snaps or videos shot on the camera.

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Today, we bring you the most loved brand by professional photographers worldwide, and it is Altura flashes. Altura is a brand recognized for its extraordinary range of photography accessories. Though the product name is prominent for all kinds of photography accessories, we will talk about the flash kit, particularly in our Altura Flash review.

Altura Flash Review

Altura Flash AP-UNV2Altura at present provides four different flash kits for photography fans. Among the four flash kits, two of the flash kits are compatible with only Canon cameras, one with Nikon camera and the last one that is Altura Photo AP-UNV2 DSLR Camera Flash Speedlite is compatible with both Canon and Nikon cameras. 

So it is a wise decision to buy Altura Photo AP-UNV2 DSLR Camera Flash Speedlite if you have different cameras of the Canon and Nikon brand. Being one of the best universal flash kits from Altura, we decided to review Altura Photo AP-UNV2 DSLR Camera Flash Speedlite in this article.

Altura Photo AP-UNV2 DSLR Camera Flash Speedlite Review

AP-UNV2 is an excellent flash kit from Altura compatible with Nikon, Canon, and Sony cameras. The AP-UNV2 flash kit is bundled with an excellent list of features to enhance the image quality of the pictures shot on your DSLR camera.

Main Features of AP-UNV2 DSLR Camera Flash Speedlite

The best thing about AP-UNV2 DSLR Camera Flash Speedlite is the fact that the Altura flash for Canon is simple to use and ideal for photographers at all levels.

Manual Flash Levels

With an extended range of 38 meters, the AP-UNV2 DSLR Camera flash can be adjusted to 1/1 to 1/128 different power levels with an LED indicator panel. AP-UNV2 DSLR Camera Flash is also ISO 100 certified and entirely safe for use.

Wireless Optical Modes

You can wirelessly set optical slave modes based on your preferences. AP-UNV2 DSLR Camera Flash supports both Optical Slave modes (S1, S2). AP-UNV2 DSLR Camera flash also comes with stroboscopic flash mode to shoot multiple images of moving objects in one photo with a series of flashes and an optical receiver mode for multi-flash lighting. It has only one drawback, that is, it does not work on TTL mode.

Flexible Flash HeadFlexible Flash Headhead

Lighting or using a flash is not an easy idea to enhance the image quality of your pictures. Depending on various parameters such as natural light, time of the day, and weather; the lighting conditions might differ, and you may not require a direct flashlight. Hence, a flexible flash head can work wonders in such a scenario where you want to experiment with the lighting setup. AP-UNV2 DSLR Camera flash has an adjustable flash head with the ability to tilt and swivel.

Automatic Power Saving and Heat Protection

AP-UNV2 DSLR camera flash offers an automatic power-saving mode that comes in handy if you are on a long shoot schedule. The Altura Flash for Nikon and Canon is efficiently made to control heat with overheating protection functionality built into the Altura flash kit.

Supports Remote Triggering

The AP-UNV1 DSLR Camera Flash Speedlite is mainly designed to be used with camera mode on for more power. However, one can also use the camera flash Speedlite with the camera off mode, in which Altura flash for Canon and Nikon will sense your camera’s flash and fire automatically. Moreover, you can use the remote triggering feature for firing up the camera flash by using the PC Sync socket.
AP-UNV1 DSLR Camera Flash

Amazingly fast

With a 2.9-second recycling time, the AP-UNV1 DSLR Camera Flash Speedlite is amazingly fast.

  • 2 Different Flash modes (Manual, S1, S2).
  • Added advantage of stroboscopic flash mode and optical receiver mode.
  • Flexible flash head for adaptability.
  • Built-in reflector panels and diffusers.
  • Universal infrared remote included in the kit.
  • In-built power saving and heat resistance feature.
  • The flashlight is bright, with the light bouncing off the wall as well.
  • Compatible with both Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras.
  • Flash does not work on TTL mode.
  • Compatible with Canon SL3 or T7.
  • Do not include batteries in the box.


Our Verdict

Altura flashes for Canon and Nikon cameras are the best in the market because they are not only efficient in lighting up the visuals but are also highly durable and easy to use. The AP-UNV2 DSLR Camera Flash Speedlite is carefully made to work as the first flash and off the camera in the optical slave mode.

The main reason to use an external flash kit on a DSLR camera is to enhance the lighting conditions. The flashlight on AP-UNV2 DSLR is very bright as well as bounces off the wall neatly. Hence, you can either use the external flash kit directly or use it with reflector panels for controlled exposure.

In one of our Altura flash reviews, we decided to take some candid pictures in a closed room with the natural light setup using the AP-UNV 2 DSLR and compare the same with some pictures in similar conditions with the camera’s flash. 

The results are awe-inspiring in different lighting conditions. Also, the review depicting the buyers showering praises and positive feedback on Amazon proves the quality factor of this Altura flash for Nikon and Canon.

AP-UNV2 DSLR camera flash is powered up with the help of four lithium, Alkaline, NiMH AA batteries that are readily available at the local market. You can also externally charge the Altura flash kit using an optional power pack. The complete Altura AP-UNV2 DSLR flash kit comes with a flash stand with a hot shoe mount and a quality drawstring pouch to carry around.

All-in-all, the AP-UNV2 DSLR Camera Flash Speedlite is excellent for photography enthusiasts and professionals at all levels. Compatible with both Canon and Nikon cameras, the AP-UNV2 DSLR camera flash is the ideal Altura flash for Canon and Nikon and Sony users.


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