TTL vs Manual Flash: Must Know The Modes Method Every Photographer

TTL vs Manual Flash

For a beginner photographer, it gets a bit intimidating to catch on with all the technicalities of flash photography and the types of flash modes also, which ones to use or buy. If you are confused as to which flash mode is better- TTL or Manual, then you’re at the right place. Here’s insight regarding all your questions for TTL and Manual flash that you must know.

What is a TTL flash? 

ttl flash

It is important to understand what TTL means before jumping on to which flash mode is better. TTL stands for Through The Lens metering. How a TTL flash works is simple. When a TTL enabled flash is used, it uses the camera’s built-in metering and reads the camera’s exposure going through the lens and then gives out the amount of light required based upon that. 

So the main difference between a TTL and manual flash is that TTL automatically puts out the light whereas, in a manual flash, the user has to make the setting of the amount of flash required. 

TTL vs Manual Flash- Which one is better?

Well, both TTL and Manual flash are used depending on the situation. When the distance between the subject and flash keeps on changing continuously, it is better to use a TTL flash as you do not have to keep adjusting the light, and you get accurate shots. TTL works automatically and shoots a pre-flash before the actual shot is taken. This way, it adjusts the exposure on its own. 

Whereas, manual flash is used when the distance between the subject and flash remains constant throughout. Manual flash offers you the most control over your photographs. It lets you customize the number of lights and shadows which will appear in the image. Photographers who get the hang of manual flash do not go back to using a TTL flash. However, learning how to use a manual flash is not easy. One requires a lot of practice and precision to master it. 

So you can understand their uses this way. When you have to take repeated shots of your subject, such as in food photography, manual flash is a better option. But when you can’t keep changing the flash constantly as your subject keeps moving, it’s best to use a TTL flash. 


Even though TTL flash makes adjustments automatically, and one does not have to bother as to making the settings, manual flash usually yields better results. 

Suppose your goal is to get better at flash photography, then it’s best to learn how to use a manual flash. It’ll definitely help you have more control and make adjustments as per different situations. 

However, if your goal is to take up professional assignments and cannot waste your time learning the know-how of a manual flash, it is better to stick with a TTL flash. Thus, it totally depends on your requirements as to which flash mode to buy. I hope this article would have helped in making an easier decision for yourself. 


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