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How to Use TTL Flash with Nikon? – Simple Guide for Beginners

All good cameras give you an inbuilt option to use flash. The flash is good enough for regular photographs, and most of us are happy with the output. However, if you are looking to upgrade your photography and take it to another level altogether, the flash on your camera may not entice you.

How to Use TTL flash with Nikon?

Professional photographers and those who are looking for a creative edge prefer TTL flash. This is an off-camera flash, which has the potential to bring the wow factor to your photographs.

What is TTL flash?

TTL stands for Through-The-Lens flash. TTL metering lets you use the external flash without the need for additional wiring and hassle. Most Nikon cameras can connect wirelessly and start clicking without wasting time. The TTL flash is extremely easy to use and lets you focus on clicking the best pictures while taking care of the other concerns such as exposure.

One thing that you must remember here is that TTL is specific to the manufacturer. This means that Nikon TTL may not work seamlessly with Canon or Kodak or any other brand, and vice versa. Of course, some allow manual tuning, but that is a hassle as well.

Now, if you are wondering how to meter for the flash, we have a simple answer for you: Go with the technology that is in your hands. TTL flash removes through the trouble of settings things according to the light. It does the job without relying on you, which makes it a huge advantage. However, if you are worried about the settings, you can first preview and then decide whether you want to go with the given exposure or manually do something about it.

Steps to Use TTL Flash with Nikon:

You will need to look through the settings and make a few adjustments on your Nikon camera to start using the external flash on Nikon. Let’s see what these settings are:

  • Go to the custom settings and choose the menu E.
  • You will see e3 here. This is the flash control.
  • Choose Commander Mode here. It is usually the last option in the flash control list.
  • Scroll to find Mode. You will need to scroll to the right for this. You will see the TTL setting here. By default, it is TTL, but if you changed it before, you might want to change it back.
  • Now you can scroll down to the end. Here you will see that it says that the built-in flash will trigger the TTL flash without messing the exposure.
  • That’s it with the camera settings. You can open the flash on the camera now.

Once the camera settings are in place, you will also have to take a look at the flash settings. These depend on the model that you have, and we recommend that you understand the settings before taking a call.  You may also want to go through the manual to further learn about the flash setting.

Mostly, you go to custom settings and set the flash to remote there. Otherwise, you use the switch to change the setting. Yes, some models have a direct switch to change the flash from inbuilt to the remote.

It is actually quite easy to use TTL flash on Nikon once you understand the settings and the changes you need to make. Once you are through with it, you can focus on what’s really important – your shots. All the hassle and worry about other things will disappear, and the quality of your photographs will automatically increase because you aren’t distracted anymore.

We hope this guide helped you with that.



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