IR Flash Photography: Expand Your Information About Photography

IR Flash Photography

Generally, photographers seem to be curious about the new camera that is up in the market or the new technique to explore or which lens and accessories to buy, and so on. Photography is an art, and one can do a lot of experiments and exploration in the field of photography to master this art. 

So if you’re looking forward to experimenting with IR flash photography and want to know more about it, then this is the article for you. Read ahead to find out about infrared flash photography.

IR Flash Photography

What is IR Flash Photography?

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The basic idea of photography using an IR flash is to capture or explore those unseen aspects within the environment, which, being outside the spectrum, cannot be seen otherwise. Think of it as seeing the ‘invisible.’ The images clicked by the photographers are clicked using a special device (IR flash), which is sensitive to the infrared light, which helps in seeing the subject normally. 

Infrared photography is best done in broad sunlight but can also work perfectly during a full moon as sunlight is the best source for infrared light. However, photographers tend to use infrared flash to click black-and-white images during the night. IR flash and filters along with matching IR heads are available in the market, or one can also convert their camera with IR flash systems, which may seem expensive but yield the best results for infrared photography.

Do camera flashes emit infrared light?

Yes, most of the cameras consist of flash that does emit infrared light as well as visible light, and they can be used for infrared photography. You can use an IR filter to discard the visible portion of the light. These filters do appear black to the normal eye but are usually transparent when one views them with an infrared-sensitive device. One can buy these filters from amazon or eBay. When you modify your camera with an IR filter, make sure to opt for a glass filter and not a gel filter. 

How to shoot with an IR flash?

If you like infrared photography, the best time to capture some amazing pictures is during the day time as a lot of infrared light can be captured from the sun. It is difficult to capture night shots with so little infrared light. However, urban lighting does have a component of IR, but if you want the best infrared night shots, it is suggested to buy the IR filters and flash as it gives a source of infrared light to illuminate the subject or scenery which you want to capture. 

Step by Step method to shoot with an IR flash:

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  • Firstly, you can simply convert your camera for IR photography. This is important because if you want to shoot in the night with just moonlight, it is going to be difficult as it does not provide as much infrared light. So what you can do is send your camera to a camera lab, which will modify your camera for you and which will become infrared-sensitive for your IR photography. This is an expensive process, just a heads up. 
  • Secondly, you need to look for an excellent infrared flash to pair with your camera. There are many brands that sell infrared flash along with a matching IR head, both online and offline. These filters eliminate visible light and help emit infrared lights. Many photographers also use a filter material that can be taped over your camera flash that blocks the visible light and only allows infrared light to pass. This can work as well if you do not want to invest in an infrared flash. 

While shooting at night, it is better to take black-and-white images as they tend to look better that way. Sometimes, your camera won’t show you much difference between normal scenery and infrared-captured scenery. Usually, photographers who like infrared photography tend to select subjects such as landscapes and scenic environments instead of taking indoor infrared photographs as the former yield more exceptional results. 

I hope this article would have been helpful to you. It mentions everything related to infrared light, IR filters, and flash and how to shoot using an IR flash. 


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