Nikon 80 400 Vs 200 500 – Which is the Better Camera Lens?

Nikon 80 400 Vs 200 500

Nikon has gifted us a variety of cameras and lenses. It is one of the most used brands across the world and professionals & beginners alike appreciate its products. Sometimes, though, the choice offered by Nikon can confuse buyers. A few lenses may seem similar but they definitely have differences. So, which one should you go for in such circumstances? How do you decide?

We have received such questions about Nikon 80 400 and 200 500 quite frequently in the recent past, which is why we decided to help you out with this detailed guide. In this article, we shall compare these lenses so that picking one is easier for you.

Nikon 80 400

Nikon 80 400Let’s start with the high-quality Nikon 80 400 lens. It is compact, lightweight, and provides superior quality images. Its aperture is f4 and it works well not just in low light but also for stop motion graphics. It is compatible with cropped sensor cameras as well as full frame cameras. The lens’ AF-S motor allows you to focus at 1.4 meters.

The Nikon 80 400 lens is suitable for sports photography and wildlife photography. You can also use it for outdoor weddings and portraits. In other words, any instance that requires quick shots will require the use of this lens. 

Nikon 200 500

Nikon 200 500This lens is also compact and lightweight but its image quality is even better than Nikon 80 400. It is a popular lens among professional photographers especially for weddings and portraits. The lens’ portability makes it quite easy to carry to shoot locations. Its aperture is f4 as well but you can focus even at 0.95 meters with this lens, thanks to the AF-S motor.

Anyone who needs high quality shots very quickly will love the Nikon 200 500. It is perfect for high volume weddings. 

Nikon 80 400 vs Nikon 200 500

Both the lenses are good, according to us. They just serve different purposes. That’s the factor you should consider while making a choice. For example, if you are a wildlife photographer, you should go with Nikon 80 400. Sports photographers will also like the same lens. For weddings and portraits, though, the Nikon 200 500 lens will be a better choice.


When it comes to lenses, it’s almost always about the usage. The second priority is preference and convenience. We hope the above comparison helped you with the same. Should you have any more questions, please feel free to talk to us. Just leave a comment with your query and one of our experts will respond in a timely manner.


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