Best Case For Sony RX100 – Most Stylish And Affordable Cases

Best Case For Sony RX100

The Sony RX100 has been a leading choice ever since its launch. Even though it is quite a few years old, photographers still reach out to it. It is also a good choice for travel vlogging, which is the rage right now, as everyone knows. 

Best Case For Sony RX100

To ensure that your camera accompanies you safely on all trips, you need to purchase a good quality case for it. The case needs to be sturdy, protective, and stylish at the same time. Also, we advise that you choose one that’s affordable and not over the top. Another point to remember is to buy according to the model of RX100 you have. We all know that there are 6 RX100 cameras from Sony. Pick a case that’s been made especially for that model.

Editor’s Choice

The market is flooded with so many cases that you are bound to get confused. You may worry about quality, color, sturdiness, etc. That’s why we are here to help. Our experts have shortlisted 5 good cases for Sony RX100 based on various important parameters. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Aproca Hard Carry Travel Case 

Why shouldn’t we start with an Amazon’s Choice product? Aproca is a handy travel case for all variations of the Sony RX100 and has the following features:

  • IAproca Hard Carry Travel Case t is made of 1680D and high-density EVA material. They are both eco-friendly and durable. EVA is a hard material that makes the entire case long-lasting.
  • Since it has been made specifically for the Sony RX100, you will not face any fitment issues.
  • It makes portability even easier because of its handy grip.
  • The double zipper ensures smooth opening and closing without getting stuck. The zip material is also durable.
  • It is shock proof, anti-static, semi waterproof, and scratch-resistant. 
  • It is durable enough to survive bumps, drops, etc.
  • Fits perfectly
  • Affordable
  • Thin but durable at the same time
  • Does not fit the camera strap easily


2. MegaGear Leather Camera Case With Strap

The MegaGear Leather Case is another affordable case that comes with a neat strap for easy portability. It is also available in dark brown, black, gray, pink, light brown, red, and white colors. Here are more details:

  • MegaGear Leather Camera Case With StrapThe case is made of PU leather that is very durable and long lasting.
  • It has a rugged construction and has been designed to provide protection against bumps, shock, damage, and dust.
  • Internally, the soft layer is padded to keep the LCD safe from scratches and the body of the camera safe during travel.
  • It also comes with multiple convenience features such as a flip top and a sturdy strap. It is very functional and easy to use.
  • The case is stylish and lightweight. It combines aesthetics and functionality, making it the perfect outdoor travel buddy.
  • Perfect fit for RX100 models
  • The magnetic closure is tight and will not come off accidentally
  • The case looks very good
  • Snug fit and does not have any extra space


3. Easy Hood Case For Sony RX100 – Soft Silicone Case

It’s soft, it’s durable, and it is easily affordable. The Easy Hood Case is available in 2 colors – black and green. Choose any of them and enjoy the following features:

  • Easy Hood Case For Sony RX100Its silicone material is soft and durable. It is washable and lightweight. Once you put it on, you won’t feel any difference in the overall weight.
  • It is very protective and does not cause any problems if there are accidental bumps or if you drop it. 
  • The cutouts of the case are very precise – made especially for RX100 VII. All the buttons are easily accessible including lens, strap hook, shutter release, and HDMI port. 
  • The tripod hole is ¼ inches wide.
  • The case makes the camera much easier to grip and comfortable to use.
  • It is easily removable and can be put on in a jiffy.
  • It fits well and will not scratch, scrape, dust, dirt
  • The lens cover is removable
  • There’s really no protection for the LCD screen


4. XEVN For Sony RX100 Case

This one may be slightly more expensive than the other options on our list, but it is worth its price, according to us. A few more details about it are below:

  • XEVN For Sony RX100 CaseThere are 2 colors – black and brown. It is suitable for almost all variations of RX100.
  • It is completely made of high-quality materials that protect the camera and keep it safe. 
  • The case is also aesthetic and classy while providing complete protection to your camera.
  • It can absorb collisions, bumps, and impacts well, protecting the entire body.
  • You will find curved design for a swivel display.
  • It has a lightweight design and a flip that’s removable.
  • Comes with a strap
  • Good quality cover
  • The strap adjustment is not very flexible

5. Carrying Protective Storage Cover Case

This is a hard cover storage case for Sony RX100 models. It is quite a sturdy piece with some attractive features. Let’s look at what they are:

  • Carrying Protective Storage Cover CaseThe case is lightweight and compact. 
  • It is also resistant to water and has an EVA 1680D exterior.
  • It can absorb impacts against dents, scratches, bumps, and impacts.
  • The zipper is sturdy and smooth, making opening and closing the case easy.
  • You will have a clip that lets you hang the case to the backpack.
  • Very durable
  • Not bulky at all
  • Very easy to carry around
  • Not completely waterproof


Buy a good case for your camera and you won’t have to worry about its safety during travel. Since the Sony RX100 is such a popular model, you will easily find good cases. All our recommendations are tried and tested by experts who know this field well. If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to us.


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