CR2 Vs CR123 – Know The Differences Here

CR2 Vs CR123

Batteries everywhere! Whether it is a TV remote or a beard trimmer, many appliances at home are powered by batteries. Some require just one while others may need more. If you take a closer look at the batteries, you will notice that they are not all the same. Some are large, some are small, some others are fat, and so on. Each of them differs in purpose and power but a few can be interchangeable.

The most common batteries that are known to create confusion are the CR2 and CR123. So, what’s the deal with them? Are they similar or do they have differences? Let’s find out!

CR2 Vs CR123 – The Features

To start off with, we shall check the features of each of these batteries.


  • It is a non-rechargeable lithium battery with 3V voltage
  • Its capacity is 400 to 800 mAh
  • It is small in size at around 27 x 15.6 mm
  • The battery life is 5 to 8 hours
  • These batteries are used in flashlights, gaming controllers, and torches


  • It is also a 3V battery that’s not rechargeable. 
  • It is a lithium ion battery
  • Its capacity is 1500 to 2500 mAh
  • Its battery life is 6 to 50 hours
  • You can use these batteries in console controllers, torches, flashlights, etc.

CR2 Vs CR123 – The Winner

According to us, there’s no real “winner” here because they are both different batteries. Even though they can be used for the same reasons, they are not interchangeable.

This is because their capacity and size are different. This is where many of our readers are confused because both are 3V batteries. Why can’t we interchange them? Well, since the size differs, it will be hard to use CR123 in a space that can only accommodate CR2.

Can we assess which of these batteries is better? Purely from a power point of view, we can. CR123 batteries are around 60% more powerful. This clearly shows that they are better. For example, a torch that uses CR123 batteries will be brighter than one that uses CR2 batteries. 

Having said that, we should reiterate that it is not our choice to interchange these batteries for more power. It depends on the device in question. 


CR2 and CR123 are both excellent batteries but they serve different purposes. We cannot interchange them. The usage totally depends on the device you are using. We hope we were able to clear your doubts. If there’s anything else, you can always reach out to us!


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