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Best Case for Sony RX100

Whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer, when it comes to buying a camera case, we understand your pain. There is a wide range of camera cases available in the market. Although this might not be as complex as buying a lens or a stand. It is a tiresome task. 

However, investing in a camera case is a fruitful action as it protects your camera from scratches and damage and makes it easier to carry. 

RX100 series is the most common in use. They are handy to use and gives the perfect outcome. Due to a number of choices, people just go for any case to carry their cam. However, the wrong one can even damage your moment capturer rather than protecting it. If you have a sony RX-100 range of cameras, you will understand it is worthy enough to invest in a camera case because, of course, you don’t want your camera even to have a scratch.

What Exactly is a Camera Case?

Camera Case

Camera cases are customarily weathering, resilient, waterproof, and crushproof. Molded cases are generally small in size and suit one particular camera type or model. Some of them are also suited for a particular lens type or model. They often have belts attached to them so that you can carry around your camera easily. It safeguards your camera for any possible damage. 

What Should You Look for in a Camera Case?

What Should You Look for Camera Case

An essential thing to consider is the quality of the material the case is made up of since this will decide the durability of the bag. You should also look for not just a water-resistant camera case; it should also be crushproof. The next thing you can take care of is the right fit. It would be best to find a case where your camera fits perfectly and is appropriately cushioned to avoid damage. A belt would be an add on making it convenient for you to take your camera everywhere without hesitation. 

It is well established that there are thousands of choices available in the market, and choosing the best one amongst thousands can be a painful task. Don’t worry; we value your time as well as your money, and so we have shortlisted the best cases for RX100. All you have to do is go through and select the best one. 

Best Case for Sony RX100

1. SONY Premium Jacket Case

Sony Premium Jacket CaseIf you are looking for the best alternative, this stylish yet practical camera case might just be the best fit for your sony RX-100 series camera. It gives a leather-look finish and various other advantages, making it very easy for you to operate the camera with the case on for protection.

  • It allows you to adjust the LED screen and access the mic without removing the case.

  • There is a secure screw mount available to use on a tripod.

  • You will also get a lense jacket body and shoulder strap with it.

  • It fits all the models of the Sony RX-100 series.

  • The quality of the case is very durable.

  • Though totally worth it, this camera is a little on the pricier side.

  • If you don’t like carrying the camera everywhere, you may find it bulky.


2. Megagear leather case for sony

MegaGear Leather Camera Case with StrapThe quality features make this case the best amongst the best. This Megagear leather case is made of high-quality leather. One customer said that they are never going to purchase any other case because of how reliable and robust the leather material is. This quality helps in giving maximum protection to your camera.

  • It comes with a magnetic stud closure.

  • You have a different range of color options available.

  • It has an internal layer of padded fabric.

  • You can carry it anywhere you want because it’s lightweight. 

  • You can attach it to your belt and carry it easily.

  • It can only be used in moderate climates.

  • It does not have space for the extra battery.


3. Aenllosi Hard Travel Case for Sony RX-100

Aenllosi Hard Camera Storge CaseThis Aenllosi travel case is one of the best Hardcase available in the market. It is shockproof and dustproof, and it will protect your valuable camera from scratches, bumps, and dents. In short, it protects your pricey possession from all the possibilities of it getting damaged. 

  • It has extra space to hold your charging cord.

  • It is small and can be easily transported.

  • It has an additional pocket to hold up to two batteries.

  • You won’t feel the burden of carrying it as it is light in weight.

  • It has space for a lense brush as well.

  • It does not come with a belt strap, but you can surely get one. 

  • If used roughly, the zip may get tampered with.


4. Hargedis XEVN Case

Hargedis XEVN for Sony rx100This Hargedis XEVN case gives a classic look to your camera. It is highly contemporary yet convenient. This provides maximum precision coverage to your sony RX-100 camera and is an excellent partner to record every beautiful moment across the journey.

  • It gives a swivel display so that you can click amazing selfies.

  • It comes with a shoulder strap hole and straps.

  • It can directly be connected to a cable for charging.

  • The leather used in this case is very environment friendly

  • It can directly fit into your tripod hole.

  • It doesn’t have any extra room to store your batteries.

  • The strap adjustment is limited.


5. Aenllosi Compact Case

Aenllosi Hard Travel CaseIf you are looking for a case that meets all your requirements, Aenllosi compact case will never let you down. Aenllosi provides its customer with a plethora of options when it comes to camera cases. But this particular case is one of their best creations and very useful. Let us understand some of its features.

  • It has two compartments which make it room for more storage. 

  • The first compartment fits the camera correctly. 

  • The second compartment includes the charger, mic, sd card, filters, etc.

  • It has a mesh compartment at the top that holds batteries.

  • The zippers are smooth and resistant.

  • It does not have shoulder strap holes.

  • Attaching it to a belt can be a difficult task.


6. Megagear Leather Camera Case

MegaGear Leather Camera CaseThis Megagear leather camera case is specially made for the sony RX-100-7 model. It gives a precision finish and fits your camera like nothing better. It is not only one of the best but also comparatively cost-effective.  

  • It has multiple colors available.

  • It provides maximum external protection to your camera.

  • It has an internal padded layer to protect your lens.

  • The straps attach directly to the camera and not just the case.

  • It comes with a neck strap.

  • No extra space for your batteries and charging cords

  • It fits perfectly only for Sony RX-100-7 models.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have read the article, you know the basics:

The most basic requirement in buying a camera case is the quality and sturdiness of the case. The sturdier the case, the better the protection given to your camera. Most camera cases are made of leather and come with a strap. Straps make it easier to carry the camera anywhere with you easily. 

Is investing in a camera case necessary? – Yes 

Does it have to burn a hole in your pocket? – No

These are some of the best camera cases, and we are unable to choose one. Since many people ask us which camera case might be the most suitable and efficient, we would like to suggest the Sony Premium Jacket Case for the RX-100 series. Though it is a little on the pricier side, this particular case gives your camera the best protection since you don’t have to remove your camera from the case for doing most things (like using it on a tripod). We hope this article gave you the clarity needed for buying a perfect camera case. We hope you have fun clicking pictures!


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