Teleconverter VS Extension Tube – The Ultimate Camera Accessories Guide

Teleconverter VS Extension Tube

Place them together and you will not be able to identify which one’s an extension tube and which one is the teleconverter. Both of them look physically similar and that is beginners often wonder why they are two separate accessories. Do they perform the same function? Can they be used interchangeably? Pro photographers will say no and they are absolutely right. Even though it takes a little experience and understanding to know which one to use when, there is no denying that each of these accessories has a specific function. In this article, we shall learn about them and compare teleconverters vs extension tubes.



What is a Teleconverter?

Teleconverters are also referred to as doublers. They work to increase the focal length, almost like a magnifying glass. They are suitable for those on a budget because they cost very less when compared to big lenses. But, they do the job just as well. Another reason why teleconverters are popular is because they are easy to handle. Not being heavy really works in their favor because it makes them flexible and convenient. 

What are its Advantages?

  • Convenient
  • Inexpensive

What are its Drawbacks?

However, teleconverters come with a few downsides: 

  • The biggest one that we noticed is the degradation of image quality. The reduction in quality will easily be noticeable.
  • Compatibility is another issue. Teleconverters are not universally compatible. There are many lenses that they don’t work with. 
  • We also noticed that the focus speed reduces when using a teleconverter.

When Should You Use Teleconverters? 

You can use them when you are looking for better reach. For example, while shooting birds.

Extension Tube

Extension Tube

What is an Extension Tube?

Extension tubes are literally hollow tubes that you attach to your camera. They function to push the lens towards the subject instead of magnifying the subject like a teleconverter. When you move closer, the subject automatically gets bigger. That’s the principle that extension tubes use. if you are working with short and medium focal lengths, you will find extension tubes to be very useful. 

What are its Advantages? 

  • Very inexpensive
  • Highly convenient
  • Universally compatible – can be used with most lenses
  • Image quality remains the same because you are adding a lens between the camera and the subject
  • Lightweight

What are the Drawbacks?

Extension tubes have just one significant drawback. When you use them you will notice light loss. This can be a hindrance in some shoot settings.

When Should You Use Extension Tubes?

When you want to create a macro perspective, you can use extension tubes. Also, if you want to reduce the minimum focusing distance, these accessories will help you.

Teleconverter vs Extension Tubes



They are additional attachments for the camera and the lensTeleconverters work to magnify the subject while extension tubes extend the lens closer to it.
They work to increase the size of the subjectTeleconverters only work with specific lenses while extension tubes can work with most lenses.
They reduce the minimum focusing distanceTeleconverters are best for telephoto lenses while extension tubes are suitable for short and medium range.
They are convenient to use and easily affordable

Now that you clearly know how they are alike and different, you can determine which accessory is the best for your needs.

People also ask

Can you use Extension Tubes with a Telephoto Lens?

Yes, you can use them with long telephoto lenses.

Do Extension Tubes Increase Magnification?

Yes, they do so by reducing the distance between the lens and the subject.

Are 2X Teleconverters any Good?

They are good but you will notice a reduction in the image quality.

Do Extension Tubes Degrade the Quality of an Image?

No, they don’t.

How Many Extension Tubes Can I Use?

We recommend that you only use 1 extension tube at a time.

Can you use 2 Teleconverters?

Yes, you can.


While our vote goes to extension tubes for being more convenient and having fewer drawbacks, it all comes down to your preferences and photography requirements. We hope this article helps you understand and make the right choice. All the best.


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