Pentax KP VS Pentax K-70 – Detailed Pentax DSLR Comparison

Pentax KP VS Pentax K-70

Pentax KP and Pentax K-70 are two extremely popular DSLR cameras, which were launched just 8 months apart. The K-70 is the older model but since there’s barely a difference in the launch date, we think comparing them is a good idea. What is the difference and which one takes the cake? Which is the right one for you? This article aims at answering all these questions.

Pentax KP – The Unique Specs

Pentax KP is a full HD camera with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It has a 3-inch tilting screen and a 24MP CMOS sensor. It has 819.200 Max ISO and a total of 27 focus points. Besides that, it enables fast continuous shooting and focus bracketing. Another unique specification here is that Pentax KP has 25 cross-type focus points. It is slightly heavier than the Pentax K-70 but not so heavy that it affects portability.

Pentax K-70 – The  Unique Specs

Pentax K-70 also has a set of unique features that you will appreciate. This includes excellent flash coverage at 12.0m, lightweight, and better battery life. If you are into travel photography, these are the factors you will definitely have to consider. It also has a 3-inch fully-articulated screen. 

Similarities Between Pentax KP and K-70

These two top-class cameras have quite a few similarities. Let’s go through them before we jump into the details of the differences:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Sensor shift for sharper images and stability
  • Excellent screen – Pentax KP has a tilting screen while the Pentax K-70 is fully articulated
  • Optical Viewfinder
  • RAW support
  • 24MP resolution
  • Weather-proof body
  • Excellent for astrophotography
  • Remote control using the smartphone
  • Anti-alias filter

Kindly note that this is not an exhaustive list.

Pentax KP VS Pentax K-70


Pentax KP

Pentax K-70

Max ISO819.200102.400
Focus points2711
Cross-type focus points259
Weight703 gm688 gm
Flash coverage6 m12 m
Battery life390 shots410 shots
Focus bracketingYesNo
Continuous shooting7 FPS6 FPS

The Verdict

Based on all the data we have garnered, we can positively tell you that the latter model – Pentax KP is the better choice. It beats the Pentax K-70 in multiple aspects and falls short in a very few of them. However, having said that, we would like you to understand that Pentax K-70 is not a bad choice at all. If portability and better battery life are your priority, you should definitely go with it because it is a fine choice.

Pentax KP and Pentax K-70 are quite similar in many aspects but have significant differences as well. Which one you purchase completely depends on your personal choice. 


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