Godox V850 Flash Reviewed and Compared (2020 Update)

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Sometimes, the internal flash of your camera is not enough. Now imagine if you are at some beautiful beach destination or exploring the sunrise or sunset sights but couldn’t capture it properly just because of the lighting issues! At that time, you need some external flash to take THAT particular picture of your favorite place or object which can be only clicked perfectly in a little light! Here we are providing you the information about GODOX VING V850.

GODOX V850 Flash


GODOX V850 is one external flash of VING series. Vflash is the world’s first hotshoe strobe which is rechargeable. It is Lithium-Ion powered hotshoe strobe. This manual flash is fast and convenient. It has more flash time, and quick recycles time. It can fit in all the brands like Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, etc.

Available Cords and Parts

  1.    Catch-light panel
  2.    Built-in wide panel
  3.    Flash head
  4.    Optic control sensor
  5.    Focus assist beam
  6.    Wireless control port
  7.    Sync cord jack
  8.    Hotshoe
  9.    Lock ring
  10.  Lithium-Ion battery

Available Buttons and Keys

  1.    Mode selection
  2.    Zoom/Function custom
  3.    LCD backlight/sound beep
  4.    Select
  5.    Set
  6.    On/off power switch
  7.    Test/Flash-ready indicator
  8.    Focus assist beam/High-speed sync
  9.    Manual flash mode
  10.    S1 & S2 slave flash triggering
  11.    Multi/Stroboscopic flash mode
  12.    High-speed sync triggering
  13.    Battery level indication
  14.    Sleep status
  15.    Over-temperature indication
  16.    Wireless signal transmission

Features of GODOX VING V850

Size19x7.5x6 cm
Weight410g (w/o Li-ion battery) and 530g (with battery)

Flash Duration

1-300s to 1-20000s.

Flash Coverage

Manual zoom from 24 to 105 mm

Full Power

GN58 (m ISO 100)

Color Temperature

5600 +/- 200K

Power Flashes

Approx. 650 Lithium-Ion battery

ScreenWide & clear LCD



Sync. Port

Manual Power

Remotely Controllable from 1:1 to 1:128 power

Charging Time

2.5 hours with AC charger, 4 hours with car charger

Vertical Rotation Angle

-7 degree to 90 degree

Horizontal Rotation Angle

0 to 360 degree

  • Great value for money and even power can be set easily.

  • The receiver takes its power from the flash, so we do not need to worry about the battery.

  • Lithium-ion Battery is removable, and it also supports high-speed sync.

  • Triggering options are less sophisticated, especially when more than one flashes needed.

  • Clip-on receiver is easy to get lost.



We have already given the features of GODOX VING V850 flashlight, now for the purpose of comparison, here we are giving you some main features of NEEWER TT850 so that you can know both the products and choose accordingly, as per your use and needs.

  • It also has Lithium Ion battery, which made it the world’s first Li-ion battery powered Speedlight flash.
  • Vertical Rotation Angle is between -7 degrees to 90 degrees.
  • Horizontal Rotation Angle is between 0 to 360 degrees.
  • It is providing bounce flash. It means that it has the swinging/tilting flash head.
  • Full Power of the flash: GN58 (m ISO 100 @105mm) and Approx. 650 Lithium-Ion battery power flash, just like GODOX V850.
  • Manual Focus: 24/28/35/50/70/80/105mm

The main difference between the both is that GODOX V850 can work with Sony cameras but NEEWER TT850 cannot work with Sony DSLRs.

Another thing is, NEEWER TT850 flashlight is especially designed for Nikon DSLR cameras, while GODOX VING V850 is one of the best Canon flashes. Though professionals use NEEWER TT850 with Canon, Pentax, Olympus or some other type cameras with standard hotshoe, but its best result comes with Nikon. It has accurate TTL exposure for Nikon DSLRs.

The NEEWER TT850’s kit includes; Li-ion Battery TT850 Flash, Wireless Trigger, 2 Li-ion Batteries, AC and Car Charger, Hard & Soft Flash Diffuser, Lens Cap Holder.

Go get your flash

If you have read this post, I am very much sure that you have a professional camera or interested in such stuff. So, you must be aware of the problems related to photography, and mainly the major issue in photography – ‘The Lighting.’ It is quite irritating not to have proper lights to take a perfect click. Try GODOX V850 and give your suggestions!


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