Canon STM Vs USM: Top Focusing Technologies Compared (2019 Update)

Being a photographer, it is essential to be focused. Not only us but also our camera can’t be out of focus in any manner. Isn’t it? When we click a picture and look at it or even any videos, the actual thing which matters the most is its focus. Without focus, most of the images lose their charm and crisp.

Canon STM Vs USM

Very few of you may know that Canon was the first company which integrated a focusing motor inside the lens. Even today, Canon is a step forward in retaining control for focus accuracy, smooth operations, and noise control. Currently, there are three main types of focusing motor technologies – STM, USM, and DC motor. All of these technologies are used by Canon, and in this article, I am going to show you the necessary comparison of Canon STM vs USM.

Comparison of Top Focusing Technologies

Many people believe that STM is better than USM. But some of them are unable to give the reasons why they feel like that. There are two types of USM available in the market – Ring type USM and micromotor type USM. USM stands for the ultrasonic motor, while STM stands for a stepper motor. Both are autofocus motors, but there are specific differences, which are as under;

  • When we talk about STM vs USM, we can’t ignore one important point that STM lens does not make the noise like the typical zooming do. So, it is best for wildlife photography. USM has large diameter direct drive motor, which is ideal for stills. It also has brilliant built quality and weather sealing.
  • STM focus speed is a bit slower than the USM. When a photographer wants to click some ‘still’ images, it is important that the camera focus find the objects faster. But, when he wants to shoot a video, then there should be some smooth operations. Faster movements of a USM lens may leave some jerky effects.
  • USM lenses are more used by professionals, and STM lenses are for beginners. USM is better for clicking photos, while STM is better for video shootings. USM contains a pre-video technology, while the STM is a customized technology for video shooting. STM is always better for video recordings, compared to USM.

So, we can conclude that STM provides quick, silent, and smooth focusing. The USM does not give this amount of smooth focusing compared to STM. So, we can say that undoubtedly USM is fast, but when it comes to smoothness, it can’t beat STM. The new L-lenses prefer to use USM and not the STM because STM sacrifices a little speed for the quite and smooth movements. While USM focuses on speed and the quieter operations are always its second priority.

Apart from these critical differences, there are some other comparisons like; STM is cheaper than USM and USM is much more substantial than the STM, etc. I hope I have added something of your needs in this article. From now onwards, when you want to know about USM vs STM, read this article and pass it on to your friends so that they can also know about the best canon technologies available in the market.

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