Canon 10 18 Vs Canon 10 22 – Which Lens Must You Choose?

Canon 10-18 Vs Canon 10-22

Canon is a leader in all things cameras. Whether it is the camera itself, the lens, or the accessories, you will find it hard to compete with this exceptional brand. So, choosing the best brand for lenses is pretty easy.

Canon 10 18 Vs Canon 10 22

The problem arises when you have to choose a particular lens and the brand offers just too many options. This leads to internal competition, which is far more fierce than any other type of competition! 

Today, going head to head are Canon 10-18 and Canon 10-22 – both awesome lenses.

Canon 10-18 Vs Canon 10-22 – The Features

Canon 10-18

Let’s start with the main features of Canon 10-18:

  • Canon 10-18Its focal length is 10 and the maximum aperture is f/4.5 to 5.6.
  • Its length is 7.5 cm and it weighs 240 gms.
  • It has 14 elements and 11 groups.
  • The aperture blade is rounded.
  • The mount is made out of plastic.
  • It does not have a distance scale.
  • The filter size in this lens is 67mm.
  • The minimum focus distance is 8.64 inches.
  • It is an affordable lens.
  • It offers image stabilization.

Canon 10-22

Now, we shall walk you through the Canon 10-22 highlights:

  • Canon 10-22 This one is longer at 9 cm and heavier at 385 gms.
  • Its focal length is 10, just like Canon 10-18 but its maximum aperture is f/3.5 to 4.5.
  • Its minimum focus distance is 9.48 inches.
  • It offers a magnification of 0.17x.
  • It has 13 elements and 10 groups.
  • The lens has 6 aperture blades, all of which are rounded.
  • The mount is made of metal and is very sturdy.
  • It does not offer image stabilization.
  • It has a distance scale but no hyper focus markings.
  • The lens is expensive.

Canon 10-18 vs Canon 10-22 – The Differences

  • The most obvious difference between these two lenses is their weight. 10-22 is clearly heavier than 10-18. It is also longer. 
  • Besides this, you will notice that the minimum focus aperture in 10-22 is higher at 9.48 inches.
  • The mount construction is also quite different. The 10-18 mount is made of plastic while the 10-22 has metal construction.
  • 10-22 offers a certain amount of magnification.
  • 10-18 offers image stabilization.
  • 10-22 also has a distance scale.
  • There’s a huge difference in the price – 10-22 is significantly more expensive.

All the other features are more or less the same.

Canon 10-18 Vs Canon 10-22 – The Verdict

Even though Canon 10-22 comes with some superior features, the price tag cannot be ignored. There’s a hefty $300 price difference between the two. So, unless you are very particular about the metal mount, distance scale, and faster aperture, you should go for the Canon 10-18. It is easier on the pocket and will give you incredibly high-quality shots with no problems. 


When there’s a huge difference in the number of features, shelling out extra bucks makes complete sense. In the case of Canon 10-18 vs Canon 10-22, though, price is definitely the defining factor. Even if you can afford it, unless the 2-3 superior qualities are high on your priority list, you should stick to Canon 10-18.


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