Can Camera Flash Damage Eyes?: Check before doing Baby Photography

Can Camera Flash Damage Eyes

Babies. Aren’t they the cutest? We don’t blame you for wanting to capture every single moment of they are lives because before you know it, they will be all grown up!

However, during baby photography, a common question prevails – is flash safe? Will your baby’s eyes be damaged due to the camera’s flash? We understand your concern, and that’s why we decided to shed light on this dilemma. Let’s find out everything you need to know in this regard.

Can Camera Flash Damage Eyes?

The simple answer is no. After numerous debates, studies, and reports, we can safely say that camera flash does not damage eyes. This is due to three reasons:

  •  It is of very low intensity
  • The length of exposure is very brief
  • The light is not focused

So, there’s actually no way your child or anyone else for that matter will face negative consequences due to a camera’s flash.

What are the exceptions?

The camera flash can be dangerous for those who already have medical conditions. Some people may feel headaches after a long session of photography, but that’s a short-term thing. However, it is always advisable to see a doctor in case of discomfort. Such things cannot be taken lightly.

What is flash blindness, though?

Flash blindness is temporary visual impairment caused due to very high intensity of light. Sometimes, this may be permanent. However, we urge you to focus on the words ‘high intensity’. A camera’s flash, as we already mentioned, is of low intensity. Flash blindness is often the result of a nuclear explosion or a laser pointer.

So, can a flashlight damage your eyes?

If you use a flashlight in the dark to capture your child’s picture, then there can be trouble. So, we recommend that you avoid such activities and experiments.


A camera’s flash is perfectly safe for everyone. You don’t have to worry about anything while clicking your child’s photographs. Also, if you are a professional baby photographer and your clients
are concerned, you can explain to them how it is perfectly safe. Speaking to them and addressing their concerns is always the ideal thing to do. It helps them trust you as well.

So, unless there are medical exceptions, don’t worry about anything. Your baby won’t be a baby forever. Don’t miss any of the precious moments! Click away!


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