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Tripods are among those accessories that you can mostly do without but if you get one of them, your photography game will improve like never before. A tripod can help you take better pictures and have more control on your camera. The stability it lends is unbeatable. So, if you are on your way to buy a tripod for your Canon 5D Mark III, you are making an excellent choice.

This article is dedicated to learning about the importance of tripods and which ones are trending at the moment. Let’s begin!

Why Do You Need A Tripod for Your Canon 5D Mark III?

Is stability the only benefit of buying a tripod? Nope! A tripod helps photographers in many different ways. Below are a few of them:

  • You can take long exposure shots with shutter speeds of a few seconds.
  • The images are sharper and you won’t have to worry about blurry images – this is a huge advantage for newbies.
  • You can take your time to set the camera up and compose your shot. You really cannot do this with a handheld camera because you will have to be quick.
  • Making adjustments is much easier with a tripod. You can also frame the shots just as seamlessly.
  • Heavy winds and similar weather conditions will not alter your steadiness if you use a tripod. 
  • You will be more comfortable with a tripod because you won’t have to lug the heavy camera with you. This is a particularly significant advantage because cameras can be very bulky. Carrying them and staying stable at the same time to capture the perfect shot is nothing short of a challenge.

How To Choose A Tripod for Canon 5D Mark III – Buying Guide

Since there are so many different products awaiting to be added to your cart, we decided to create a buying guide for you. Keep these pointers in mind to choose the right tripod for your Canon 5D Mark III.

  • Weight capacity – The tripod you choose should be able to bear the weight of heavy cameras. Even if you don’t use a large lens at the moment, chances are that you will later on. We are sure you don’t want to keep changing the tripod. So, buy one that’s sturdy and built for heavy setups.
  • Height – How high can your tripod go and how high do you want it to go? This requires a little thought. Take your time and decide. Tripods should be able to reach your eye level with the camera mounted on them. There are shorter tripods and mini tripods (table-top) as well for specific types of photography. Take your needs into consideration and the right one for you will be obvious.
  • Weight of the tripod itself – Keep in mind that you will have to travel with your tripod. A bulky one will be difficult to use. If you travel a lot, choose a light one that comes with a hook so that you can mount it to your camera bag for stability. If traveling long distances is not on the card, a heavy tripod is a good choice. 

Best Tripod For Canon 5D Mark III – Editor’s Choice

This is the section you have been waiting for. We have come up with a list of the best tripods for Canon 5D Mark III based on various parameters and reviews. Take a look.

1. Lightweight 57-inch Camera Tripod Canon 5D Mark III

Lightweight 57-inch Camera Tripod Canon 5D Mark IIIThis tripod was built specifically for Canon 5D Mark III and similar cameras. It is a lightweight tripod with a sturdy triple-braced center column. Here’s why you should consider buying it:

  1. The tripod has a multi-purpose pan head.
  2. It comes with rubber feet that are sturdy and provide enough traction.
  3. Its quick-release plate makes it easy to remove the camera for immediate hand-held shots. You won’t have to fiddle with the setup!
  4. It offers a professional grip that ensures a 3-way tilt.
  5. The maximum height of the tripod is 60 inches and the diameter of the legs is 16.8mm.
  6. The tripod also has a precision bubble level that makes accuracy a piece of cake for every shot.
  • Light and compact
  • Adjustable feet
  • Has a strong rubbery smell
  • Since it is lightweight, it may not be very stable in windy conditions


2. SSE 72-inch Tripod 

SSE 72-inch Tripod Here’s another tripod made specifically for Canon 5D Mark III cameras. It has an aluminum body, which makes it very sturdy and reliable. Its features are as follows

  1. This is a lightweight tripod with a swivel head and tilt motion. 
  2. It has a 3-way panhead.
  3. When collapsed, the tripod is 28 inches high and at full length, it is 72 inches tall.
  4. The bubble level indicator will ensure that your photos are accurate.
  5. The sturdy legs of the tripod are foam-padded and have non-slip feet. They are also made of aluminum alloy.
  6. Along with the tripod you will get a carrying case that’s water-resistant and a microfiber cleaning cloth.
  7. The easy crank handle makes taking hand-held shots quick and easy. The center pole is adjustable as well.
  8. The tripod is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.
  • Sturdy tripod
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Not suitable for heavy DSLRs
  • May not stay its ground heavy winds


3. ECost – 80-inch Elite Series Professional Tripod Canon 5D Mark III

eCost – 80-inch Elite Series Professional Tripod Canon 5D Mark IIIIf you are looking for a taller tripod, this one will suit your requirements. Extended, it is 80 inches tall and sturdy. It is made of aluminum and plastic, and has the following features:

  1. Its low angle adjustable legs are sturdy and stable. They are made of aluminum.
  2. Collapsed, the tripod is 26 inches high.
  3. Its easy crank handle makes it super easy to adjust and use. the center pole is adjustable.
  4. The tripod has 2 bubble level indicators that make every shot accurate and precise.
  5. It comes with a carrying handle for easy transportation.
  6. The 3 legs of the tripod have non-slip swivel feet and are padded.
  • Well-built
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Not suitable for camcorders


4. K&F Concept 62-inch Tripod

K&F Concept 62-inch TripodThis is a very compact tripod that only weighs 2.99 lbs. It is portable and perfect for regular shots with sufficient stability. Here are a few more details:

  1. It has been made for ease of travel, which means it is your best friend if you are a frequent traveler. Its folds height is 460mm, after being reflexed at 180 degrees. It is also very lightweight.
  2. Even though it is lightweight and small, it is quite stable and allows accurate shooting in various environments.
  3. The tripod has a quick flip leg lock that makes usage convenient and easy.
  4. Adjusting the angle of the tubes is also very easy thanks to the spring self-locking tube.
  5. You can take panoramic shots seamlessly with this tripod as it has a 360-degree scale at the bottom.
  6. Its non-oil damping design makes movement and rotation very smooth.
  • Snap-locking legs
  • Easy to carry
  • Sturdy even in windy conditions
  • Ball head is made of plastic and may not be sturdy enough for heavy cameras


5. Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod – 66 inches Canon 5D Mark III

Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod – 66 inches Canon 5D Mark IIIUntil now, our focus was on compact tripods. This one is for those who don’t travel much and would prefer a tripod for heavy cameras. Read on for details.

  1. This doubles as a monopod, making it multifunctional. 
  2. The tripod is made of a carbon fiber tube, which uses 8 layers of carbon fiber. This makes it very sturdy and stable.
  3. Its quick release leg locking makes it a very convenient tripod.
  4. Its ball head has 2 locks and a 360-degree dial for quick adjustments.
  5. It is easy to carry and comes with a portable bag.
  6. It has a 3-way swivel pan head.
  7. When folded, the tripod is 19.3 inches tall. 
  8. It has anti-skid legs.
  • Suitable for heavy cameras
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can double as a monopod
  • Build quality and sturdiness can be better



Now, we shall answer a few questions that people frequently ask on this topic.

1) How Do I Take Good Pictures With My Canon 5D Mark III?

  • Use a sturdy tripod
  • Use cross-type autofocus
  • Adjust settings to suit your requirements

2) What is a Good Shutter Count for Canon 5D Mark III?


3) Which is better – 6D or 5D Mark III?

It depends on your requirements. 5D Mark III allows you to focus better because all its autofocus points (61) are cross-type. 6D, on the other hand, has 11 autofocus points with only 1 cross-type.

4) Does Canon 5D Mark III Shoot 4K?

No, it does not.

5) Are Neewer Tripods Any Good?

Yes, they are quite sturdy and reliable.

6) Can Canon 5D Mark III Shoot 60 FPS?

No, it can only shoot 24 fps.

7) Do I Need a Tripod for my Camera?

This depends on your usage and requirements. A tripod will dramatically improve your shots but it is not absolutely necessary.

8) How Much Does a Good Tripod Cost?

A good tripod can cost anywhere around $100 to $150. There are cheaper options as well but the right one for you will depend on your requirements.

9) How Do I Know if a Tripod Will Fit my Camera?

Check the product description and see if it can support your camera. This is especially important for camcorders and heavy cameras. Not all tripods are built to carry that weight.


Choosing the right tripod is easy. You just need to be clear about your preferences. We hope this article has helped you in this regard. For more details and useful information, make sure you keep coming back to our page!


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