Best GH4 Cage – Top 5 Camera Rig of 2021

Best GH4 Cage

In the advancing world, cameras have become an individual’s most preferred choice. However, with a camera comes a responsibility to handle it. And especially if you have a GH4 camera, it becomes even more essential. GH4 cameras are a compact video production powerhouse, but they lack mounting options and other accessories or support around them. To add that extra support and mounting options, you need a cage.

 Choosing the best GH4 cage for your camera is an important decision and overwhelming task. To help you out, we have mentioned an essential guide first before reviewing the GH4 cages.

What Should You Keep In Mind While Purchasing a GH4 Cage?

GH4 CageOne must keep the following points in mind while purchasing a GH4 case.

  1. Check that the slider uses ball bearings: This is the most critical point because a slider with a flexible orientation will set the camera’s angle properly and every possible angle. Not only this, but the slider with ball bearing is very smooth and is quiet when the slider slides along the track. 
  2. One must check the slider’s weight capacity: Though the weight of a GH4 camera is significantly less, still it becomes imperative to review the importance of the slider. Because the camera’s weight is less, but that of the entire setup is not that less, so here it becomes necessary to check the slider’s weight capacity. 
  3. It would be best if you decided on mounting options as per your needs: Mostly, sliders give two options for mounting the slider. These options include the center mount and end mounts. Center mount is considered the best and most straightforward way to mount the slider. This is regarded as the best way because only one tripod is used in this method of mounting. On the other hand, end mounts provide options of mounting from both ends of the slider. Generally, end mounting is considered ideal for longer sliders. But on the contrary, setting up the end mount is comparatively very time-consuming, as one needs to adjust the slider on two tripods. 
  4. Check whether the slider has adjustable drag: Some sliders have the feature to increase or decrease the drag between the carriage and the track. An adjustable drag gives more dynamic control over the quality of the moments performed via the camera. The best example can be taken of an object moving back and forth. With the adjustable drag, the rate will become superior when compared with the non-adjustable drag. 
  5. Check the slider’s expansion potential: An ideal slider must be flexible, so as, in the case in the future, if you want to add more features as well as functions, you can easily do the same if the slider is flexible. These days, people tend to buy straight sliders, but one should go for the modular slider by keeping in mind the needs of future accessories and flexibility. This also enhances the functionality in the future. 
  6. Check what all accessories are included in the bag: While purchasing a slider, you must keep in mind what all accessories you require to capture your best shot. You must check whether the following accessories are there in the bag or not- Brake, Adjustable feet, and a carrying case. This becomes equally important as other points because if the accessories that you are looking for are not included in the kit, then you can surely add on the accessories, but that will ultimately result in inflation of the cost. 

How Can You Choose The Best GH4 Cage? 

Well, everyone has different needs and different points of view. Similarly, choosing the right cage also differs for other people because the requirements and the purpose of usage vary. So, one must first create a list of all the accessories as well as things which one wants to add to the list and then should find an appropriate GH4 case, which satisfies all the conditions and prerequisites of an individual. And most importantly, it is pocket-friendly. So, by keeping all these points in mind, one can buy the best GH4 cage. 

However, we cannot ignore the abundance of choices available in the market. Choosing one amongst them will, of course, be tiresome. Don’t worry, as always; we have your back. We have shortlisted the best five amongst the best after a lot of research.

Best GH4 Cage

1. Small Rig Camera Cage for DMC- GH4 GH3


If you are looking for a Panasonic GH4 cage, then the Small rig camera cage is the right catch for you. The small rig is a professional company that specializes in camera accessories. The camera cage is built with high-quality products and an excellent core. 

Key Features:

  • The cage is ideal for small Panasonic cameras.
  • It offers multiple thread holes for attachments.
  • This cage also features an in-built cold shoe and NATO rail that allow users to attach additional accessories such as microphone shock mount, ball head mount, magic arm, etc.
  • The connection flexibility, added weight and handles make it suitable to use during video recording.
  • The quality of this camera rig is top-notch as it is made with sturdy aluminum alloy.
  • It is specifically designed for Panasonic GH4/GH3 cameras.

  • It includes a top handle, a cage, and an HDMI cable clamp. 

  • The cage offers multiple ⅜” and ¼” screw thread holes for attachments. 

  • It perfectly fits around GH4 and leaves accessible buttons free for use. 

  • It is made with aluminum alloy, and every hole is tapped for a solid body.

  • Mounting holes on top of the cage does not come with spaces for spots. 

  • It can be challenging to find the perfect hand-held position for GH4 as the cage wraps all around it.


2. Camvate DSLR Camera Cage


This GH4 camera rig comes with tons of functionalities. It is designed to work with varsities and has a wooden handgrip on the left. The camera is built with sturdy material to protect the camera from dangerous factors. It is made out of hard-anodized aluminum. 

Key features:

  • This professional camera rig is made using anodized aluminum that makes it sturdy and durable.
  • It protects your camera as well as gives you a wide range of mounting options to add your choice of attachments.
  • There are two versions available for this option: right-handed and left-handed, make sure to select the one that you would be comfortable using.
  • It is accompanied by a camera mount screw of ¼”. 
  • It also comes with a side pipe length of 125mm and 145mm. 
  • The rig features a wooden handle for left-handed use so ensure that you are fine with such handles.
  • The brilliant camera cage is designed to work with multiple cameras. 

  • This cage comes with thread holes for the base plate. 

  • It is accompanied by a camera mount screw of ¼”. 

  • It also comes with a side pipe length of 125mm and 145mm. 

  • The camera cage is built with robust material for a sturdy body.

  • You have to check for the perfect fit. 

  • It comes with limited mounting points.


3. Tiltaing Full Camera Cage for GH Series 

Tiltaing Full Camera Cage

Tiltaing GH4 cage works as protective armor for your Panasonic cameras. It comes with various mounting points and cold shoe mounting points. 

Key features:

  • This camera cage is comparable with a series of Panasonic cameras such as GH4, GH5, GH5S.
  • One can easily use this cage and avoid making holes for attachments, as this rig comes with all the mounting points along with two cold shoe mounting points.
  • The base of the camera rig also offers several mounting holes so that one can seamlessly fine-tune the balance of the setup.
  • Users can attach a variety of baseplates at the bottom of the cage for rod mounting or optional power supply configurations.
  • If you end up buying this, you can also get the release top handle and other optional side handles for better usability.
  • The camera cage is compatible with Panasonic GH4 and GH5 cameras. 

  • It can protect your camera and has mounting points for a few accessories. 

  • It is available in two gorgeous colors in black and Tilta Gray finishes. 

  • You can pair it with various other components from the Tiltaing collection. 

  • It comes with two cold shoe mounting points.

  • The camera cage has limited mounting points.

  • The camera cage doesn’t come with an anti-twist function.


4. Ikan STR-GH5 Stratus Complete Cage for Panasonic 

Ikan STR-GH5

Ikan is a revolutionary new form-fitting GH4 camera rig cage. The frame is precisely shaped to accommodate the Panasonic GH4 and gh5 cage. It is among the best Panasonic GH4 cages. 

Key features:

  • This camera rig is a new form-fitting cage, featuring a frame to accommodate Panasonic GH4 and GH5.
  • It comes in three main parts: top handle, base, and camera frame.
  • The locking knobs are sturdy and large. And as these knobs have a kipping function it can be easy to tighten when partially obstructed.
  • The base of the rig locks to the frame with Acra-Swiss style and to secure its safe horizontal position there are hard stops provided on the sides.
  • This camera rig for GH4 comes with a sliding ¼-20 mount to attach and support the lens adapters.
  • The rig also comes with a cold shoe mount located at the front of the handle from where it can connect to the NATO’s rail on the frame.
  • The camera fits perfectly for Panasonic GH4 and GH5. 

  • The camera cage comes with a true NATO top handle mount. 

  • It comes with a top handle fits and many bicycle handle for supportive grip. 

  • It has an Arca-Swiss plate mounts to cage the base and many photo tripods. 

  • The efficient Arca-Swiss plate shifts to accommodate the camera.

  • Though apt for total usage, the surface may seem uneven if not taken care of. 

  • It has enough mounting points already, but if you need more, you can think it over.


5. Annsm New Professional Video Camera GH5 Cage 

Annsm Camera Cage

Annsm camera cage is among the GH4 cages that have a unibody design. The design perfectly hugs the GH4 and provides mounting points. The camera cage offers greater versatility and can accommodate various camera models. 

Key features:

  • This camera rig cage comes in a unique design that is compatible with Panasonic GH5, GH3 and GH4 as well.
  • It has an ideal shape design that leaves buttons, battery and cable pots exposed so that one can access it with ease while shooting.
  • The camera rig also comes with a base plate having 2 pcs 15mm rail rods to extend other devices.
  • There are a variety of screw holes given on its interface along with a cold shoe on the rig’s body which makes it easy to connect it with other devices.
  • The camera cage has ¼ and ⅜ standard screw holes on the bottom. 
  • The camera cage is built with aviation aluminum alloy material.
  • It has one hot shoe designed for connecting external accessories. 

  • The baseline of the camera cage includes two rail rods for extra support. 

  • The camera cage has ¼ and ⅜ standard screw holes on the bottom. 

  • The camera cage is built with aviation aluminum alloy material.

  • For fantastic photography, it offers a long zoom lens and a stable center.

  • The camera cage doesn’t have integrated cold shoe mounts.

  • The camera rig has a close fit, which makes accessing the camera difficult at first.


The Bottom Line

A perfect GH4 cage is built with a thoughtful design and provides compatibility. If you are looking for the best GH4 cage that would add extra protection without blocking all the controls or adding that excess weight, we have listed all of the above.

Why use a cage? A cage is a structure that is used to wrap all around the camera. It is used for protection, support, and mounting options. 

All of the GH4 cages we have mentioned above are best to our knowledge, but according to us the Small Rig Camera Cage for Panasonic DMCis the best cage for GH4. We hope we have eased your pain in the selection procedure. Happy capturing!


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