Best Flash For Nikon D7200 – Top 5 Budget Speedlites of 2021

Best Flash for Nikon D7200

An external flash or Speedlite is very important for professional photography because it casts a powerful light on the subject and enables a lot of coverage. With a Speedlite in your photography kit, clicking the perfect photographs will not be a challenge. This is why we highly recommend that you buy the right one for your DSLR. 

This article has been penned to help you understand why it is important to buy the right flash and also to walk you through the best available options today.

What are the Benefits of an External Flash?

Most cameras have an in-built flash but professionals want an external flash as well. Why? What is the reason? It is because of the many benefits that an external flash can provide. Some of them are as follows:

  • Wider flash angle
  • High flash power
  • Flash heads can be rotated or tilted
  • Shorter recycle time
  • Great flexibility and more possibilities
  • Complete control of the lighting

Choosing the Best Flash for Nikon D7200 – Buying Guide

Since there are many options on the market, it is easy to be confused. This is why we have put together a list of the most crucial features that you should look for. Here they are:

  • The bounce light should be good enough to give your photos a professional feel and look.
  • The Speedlite should not overheat even after heavy use. There are a few good options that ensure this with adequate temperature control. Your eye should be on them.
  • Check the number of flashes offered. Also, ensure that the flash is durable and reliable.
  • Lastly, the price. We may talk about it at the end but it is definitely an important consideration. Set a budget for yourself and look for the best speedlites in that budget only.

Best flash for Nikon D7200 – Editors’ choice

Now’s the time to go through what the market has to offer. We have conducted extensive research on the most popular and fairly priced speedlites so that you choose the best, keeping in mind your requirements.

1. Meike iTTL TTL LED Macro Flashlight

Meike iTTLThe Meike Macro Ring Flash is popular for being able to produce a ring of light to avoid shadow and create the perfect macro shots. Here are a few interesting features of this flashlight:

  1. It has left and right flash so that the object appears in 3D.
  2. It is perfect for macro shooting, medical photography, personal photography, and scientific research.
  3. The flashlight uses high-quality LED light to give all photographs a more natural feel.
  4. It comes with 7 adapter rings that you can use with different lenses depending on their sizes.
  5. The flash comes with a hot shoe mount.
  • Easy to install
  • Ring flash makes it very good for macro shots
  • Good for close distance shooting as well
  • A few users have reported that the light is inconsistent


2. Voking VK430 E-TTL LCD Display Speedlite

Voking VK430 E-TTLThe Voking speedlite is one of our favorites because it has a variety of unique features and is very easy to use. Below are a few specific details:

  1. The flash supports E-TTL auto flash mode. You can also use it while in the slave mode (S1/S2).
  2. It is compact and portable but has all the features you’d expect in a professional flash.
  3. The flash supports the multi-flash mode to help you capture motion beautifully.
  4. It has an LCD screen that displays various settings including brightness so that you adjust it with one tap. 
  5. The flash has been built with an easy interface so that beginners can use it without any problems.
  6. It has a few excellent features such as overheat protection and temperature control, which make it a must-have.
  7. It has a hot shoe stand, included in the package.
  • Very bright
  • Overheat protection
  • Multi-flash support
  • Not very long-lasting, according to a few users


3. Neewer 750II TTL Speedlite

Neewer 750IINeewer is quite a popular name in the world of external flashes, which is why it is no surprise that one of them has made it to our list. This particular flash comes with an LCD display and the following features:

  1. This is a powerful flash with 105mm focal length.
  2. The vertical rotation angle is -7 to 90 degrees while horizontally, you can rotate it from 0 to 270 degrees.
  3. It has a charging socket so that you have additional power at all times.
  4. The flash duration ranges between 1/300 and 1/20000s.
  5. The LCD display shows all the important settings, making adjustments easy.
  6. It supports multi-flash mode, TTL, and M. It also supports slave mode.
  7. The recycle time is 3 seconds.
  8. It has been built for beginners and professionals alike.
  • Excellent vertical and horizontal rotation
  • Very high quality pictures
  • The fold-out diffuser is slightly difficult to handle


4. Neewer 750II TTL Flash Kit

Neewer 750II TTL Flash KitThose who are looking for a complete flash kit will be happy with the Neewer 750II TTL kit. It includes everything you may need to make your next photography session unforgettable. Below are a few important things you should know about it:

  1. The kit includes the Neewer Pro I-TTL flash, wireless camera trigger, 2 cables, remote control, soft flash diffuser, hard flash diffuser, and a lens cap holder.
  2. The wireless trigger works on 2.4GHz and has 3 main functions – can trigger studio lights, off-camera flash units, and cameras from quite a distance (1 meter).
  3. There’s a charging socket so that you charge your external power pack and be prepared at all times.
  4. The flash time ranges from 1/200 to 1/20000s.
  5. The recycle time is 3 seconds.
  6. It has a sound indicator, overheating protection, power saving mode, and memory function.
  7. The kit comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Complete, high quality flash kit
  • Excellent wireless trigger
  • 8 levels of output control
  • 3-in-1 remote control
  • The battery door compartment is hard to open and close


5. Opteka IF-980 iTTL Speedlite

Opteka IF-980The last flashlight on our list is just as powerful and reliable as the rest. Don’t take it lightly! It has a dedicated auto-focus with LCD display. Below are a few more details:

  1. It has an adjustable head that can be positioned in 6 ways from -7 to 90 degrees. Moreover, you can twist it 90 degrees to the left up and 180 degrees to the right up.
  2. It has a multi-zoom feature and is capable of covering 24 to 180mm. 
  3. To ensure optimal lighting, it matches the focal length of the lens.
  4. It promises red-eye reduction, autofocus assist, wireless capability, slave mode, manual flash mode, wide-angle diffusion, and bounce.
  5. You can also use it in the multi-stroboscopic flash mode.
  6. It has a 2.1-inch backlit LCD screen that shows all the important information.
  7. The flash comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Affordable
  • Very high quality
  • Multiple modes
  • Easy to use
  • The documentation is not clear enough


People also ask (FAQs)

Now, let’s quickly gloss through a few commonly asked questions on this topic.

Do I Need an External Flash for Indoor Photography?

Yes, it is highly recommended in order to get a natural look.

Do Professional Photographers Use Flash?

Yes, they do.

Is Flash Important in Photography?

Yes, it is. It illuminates the subject and adjusts the light falling on it.

What is the Difference Between a Flash and a Speedlite?

They are the same.

How Does Flash Affect a Picture?

It can change the intensity, distribution of light, and position of the light to adjust the appearance of the subject.


We hope this article was detailed enough to help you find the right flash. If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can leave a comment below.


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